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Schneider & Onofry, P.C., Attorneys at Law







Schneider & Onofry's Phoenix offices

Schneider & Onofry's main offices occupy the sixth floor of the CBIZ Plaza in Phoenix's Central Corridor.

Diversity Policy


 Local Government Legal Services

Schneider & Onofry's experience in representing insurers, self-insurers and businesses in a variety of risk-laden areas of the law, combined with special knowledge of municipal and First Amendment issues, make us an attractive law firm for municipal and county governments and special districts.


Credibility, passion and preparation allow for accurate “risk management.” We identify, describe, evaluate, assess and minimize risk. This is a collaborative process. We communicate with our clients throughout the legal process and work closely with them to determine the most effective, and productive, direction for litigation. Our substantial trial work provides the experience and background necessary to help our clients manage risk.

Efficient interaction and communication among team members and the client is critical to effective legal representation. It means we can secure and share relevant information, determine strategies, build cases, and seek solutions faster and more efficiently than opposing counsel. Our high level of efficiency and expertise not only contributes to our success but it substantially lowers the cost of the legal process for our clients.

Our lawyers and staff are passionate about their work. Obsessive to some. But that’s good news. It means we stay the course, stay focused. We don’t give up. In short, we care.